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Winners of the pit donation 


DONATION contests

This contest was developed in order to increase the value of the community wallet, and thus be able to pay the listing costs in the new exchanges that Pit needs in its growth as a currency.

Results of

Based on the requirements of the contest, donations were solicited and resulted in the following total amounts:


Stats on donation event:


📥  320 Total Donation transaction made


💰 5.72 BNB have been received in total


🥇  11 Gold NFT Entry (over 0.07BNB each)


🥈  12 silver NFT Entry (0.03 ~ 0.0699bnb)


👨‍🏫  1 Master NFT Entry (biggest SINGLE donation)


💎 1 Platinum (TOTAL Biggest Donation)


🥉 295 Bronze NFT Entry (The rest any amount of contributions)

We have collected all the data and addresses that can participate
in the NFT Giveaway! 
We are sharing an Excel file with addresses and details listing all addresses and the amount donated during the event.

King Pit.gif
Gold Pit.gif

We developed an Excel file containing the list of donators, address and level details. The list was online throughout the contest, and the registration process and details were made transparent.
The drawing of the winners was done randomly for the Gold, Silver and Bronze levels, as these prizes are in quantity more than one minted unit.
This sheet shows the final results.

Winner's Election

Captura de pantalla 2022-02-19 a la(s) 02.29.36.png

CONTEST (65).png

PitMag contests are unique and unpredictable!

this time we bring you:

Pit Donation Contest

Pitbullarmy has teamed up in this contest to make massive donations to achieve our community goals.

Platinum Pit.gif

The details have been displayed, the NFTs have been minted and sent to their respective winners!🚀
We added a couple of extra NFTs as a gift for the great effort of some.

The Pit donation address is this
and you can donate at any time.


Donations were used for the listing costs of the
following exchanges:


And more

IG CoinEx Poster.png