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PitAgent Game/Contest

Thank you to all the participants who entered the contest!
Without you, we could not have found this malicious blockchain agent.

The winners were chosen by order and date. The first one to find the pit agent is the first place, and the second one to find the pit agent is the second place.

Winners of the PitAgent Game

Congratulations! 🎉

Prize: Pit Hoodie, Pit Hat and $20B of $Pits

Surprise prize to be announced publicly

1st place: @CryptoMan8118
2nd Place: Vitiello Gianluca 


Pit matrix.png (3).png


Winners will be contacted directly through their user profile on Telegram or by their email added in the form.

We sincerely hope you enjoyed this competition and community game.
We hope to have many more during this great year ahead for the Pitbull community!

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Pitbull Matrix themed video, exclusive for Pit agent contest

Created and edited by @lordnftkiller

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