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Agent Pit is a digital spy born from a paradox in a BlockChain algorithm.
We recently discovered that he managed to infect the websites of the Pit community, so our mission is to find him as fast as possible!

The competition will be conducted in this manner:

Agent Pit hides in one of the official Pitbull Token sites.
These sites can be:

Pitmag official site
Official site 

PitStop official site
and it can also be on your social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Discord. It might even have infected our main chat on Telegram!

If you find him, enter here and click on the "I found him" button that will take you to the form where you must fill in your data. The first one to find the Pit agent will win:
An official Pitbull Hoodie, a Pit hat and a 10B Pits prize!

Date and Winner of contest

The competition will last 6 days (Thursday 16 - Wednesday 22).
The following day we will publish the winner of the contest
(First person to find it).
There is a surprise prize for another person who has participated, and who has managed to find it too, but this will be announced as a surprise.

Fun facts about Agent Pit/Anti-Glitch Rule

Agent Pit "detects" when he is discovered, so if Agent Pit's location is leaked before the official end date of the contest, "he will find another hiding place", and the winner up to that point will be invalidated, until someone else finds him in his new location. Be cautious, don't leak his location or it will get harder and harder to find him!


PitMag contests are unique and unpredictable!

In this edition we bring:

Find the
Agent Pit!

The agent will be hidden somewhere in all the pitbull sites. The first 3 to find him will win a great prize.

Pit matrix.png